FAQ: General

Where do you source your teas from?

Our tea is grown at estates located in North East India. The Darjeeling variety is chosen from tea offered by 87 estates of Darjeeling Himalayan region. Assam tea is selected from the 803 estates of Assam Brahmaputra river valley. After careful tasting and evaluation by experienced tasters, our tea is selected. It is then procured through auction sale process or private buying as per availability.

How are your teas packed?

The dry tea is procured from sellers in bulk packages from the estates. They are then transported to our FSSAI and ISO 22000 certified processing and packaging factory at Kolkata. Experienced Tea Tasters create table blends in small test quantities from different estate teas. This is matched with the taste and quality requirements standardized through extensive feedback from valued connoisseurs. Accordingly blending and packing instructions are given.

Tea is then cleaned in modern tea blending systems including magnetic separators, air separators, sievers and mixed in calculated quantities in blending drums. The quality of product is further checked for consistency with the test sample.

Upon approval and adherence to parameters, the tea is packaged in food grade metpet packages of various net weights. Care is taken that the freshness of flavor, liquour and overall quality ex-garden can be offered to our consumers. They are sealed and packed into paper mono cartons or metal caddies, marked, labelled and filled into paperboard shipper CFCs. All the work is done through modern machinery and skilled professional workforce under expert supervision. Our stringent QC checks ensure high global standards of food safety.

Upon completion of packaging, the products are shipped by sea to our network of sale and delivery centers across the world.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All our Teas have a shelf-life of 2 years from the Date of Packing, mentioned on all our boxes. The tea comes quality locked in heat sealed met pet pouches. Moisture is a spoiler for retention of tea qualities like flavor, taste, liquor. It is advised that the tea contents of the pouch are unloaded in airtight containers (preferably porcelain or glass) for storing. Tea stored in this manner would give best results on brewing.

Do you have any Retail stores?

As of now, we are completely an online store. You can choose and purchase any product from the wide variety available on our website.