Famous Tea Blogs

Famous Tea Blogs

Posted by Unmesh Global Research Team on Apr 29th 2022

“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.”

– Catherine Douzel

Out of a multitude of quotes on tea by personalities of various genres, the one above epitomises it well. Traditions of tea cultivation, trade and drinking have created a wonderful culture and history. Originating from the East with the passage of time it has diversified into different geographies. During ancient times many a traveller would venture from the orient to distant lands and carry this wonder potion with its tales to a connoisseur far away from its origin. Such has been the popularity of tea that it has become the second most consumed drink on this planet after water.

Tea patrons develop an affinity for the brew quite quickly after introduction to a first cup and their journey into the world of tea begins. Tea has a rich diversity of origin, harvesting technique, manufacturing style, drinking habit, tradition, health benefit, product and has left indelible marks on society and history. Each of these is interesting and the more one gathers in experience it fills up his/her cup of life.

We are living in a time when communication is blessed with electronic social media. A plethora of information and knowledge on tea is available on this platform. Interesting tales and anecdotes of tea are now shared among individuals and groups through the worldwide web. Plenty of experts and tea lovers have created well curated websites and blogs with writings, pictures and videos sharing their experience. Going through these is not only educative but also helps eager individuals on various choices of their tea journey.

In the following section we would talk about some of the most avid and interesting blogs on tea which cover well known to the most discreet of topics regarding the cuppa. The order of mention is not based on any ranking and is random.

Tea Epicure

A wonderful platform for tea assessment which rates tea on a scale of 100 after testing its organoleptic properties. It provides important information to producer and customer regarding quality. Passionately maintained by Tony Gebely the blogs contain a wealth of information regarding various tea, its processes, science and current topics.

Mel Had Tea

Mel Hattie is a photographer, traveller and tea sommelier based in Canada. Her detailed blogs on a multitude of tea topics covering aspects like manufacture of tea, types of tea, tea culture, tea shops and various others are narrative and lucid. Her spirit of travel and various experiences in life with tea culture are reflected vividly as she pens her thoughts.

Oolong Owl

The author of this site “Char” is from Canada located in Seattle. This elaborate site covers reviews of various types of tea from producers and sellers, tea ware, tea travel and some wonderful tea recipes. Reviews of tea are very insightful and deep.

Tea Happiness

Sara is a tea lover from Brooklyn and a certified Tea Sommelier. Web topics cover Tea History, Tea Industry reviews, tasting reviews and goes on to recommend a list of shops for procuring tea in New York City. The reviews of tea are quite articulate and honest.

Tea for me Please

Nicole Wilson is a tea writer and educator. She has been the winner of the 2018 World Tea Award for the best tea blog. The site has a very informative Beginners Guide to Tea covering a number of important topics regarding the basics of tea cultivation, manufacture and terminology. Reviews of different teas are crisp with recommendations for tea lovers and sellers.

Sorori Tea Sisters

The site started as a place where “LiberTeas” and “TeaEqualsBliss” could post reviews. It has now gained in members in more tea loving ladies called SororiTea Sisters, expressing themselves through the platform. The site is a treasure trove of well written reviews and tea information with a simple visitor friendly design.

Steph’s Cup of Tea

Steph is an ardent Tea enthusiast from the Northwest of United States. It is amazing to wonder at the sheer number of tea topics which she has covered in her writings. It reflects her close experiences with tea in different aspects of life entwined in a natural co-existence. Her support for small businesses and speciality tea is appreciable.

Tea in Spoons

Connie tried some loose leaf tea in a shop and was infatuated. Her need for keeping notes on the tea she liked led her to create this blog in 2015. The site is focussed on honest and detailed reviews of different teas. It also gives readers an orientation to the types of tea and requirements to develop and nurture a tea drinking passion.

The Cup of Life

Lu Ann Pannunzio is a tea enthusiast and writer based in Ontario, Canada. Her site is well designed with her writings categorised under sections for tea knowledge, reviews, recipes and crafts, suggested tea rooms and her own book “Tea-spiration”. An educative and informative site for fellow tea companions.

Thirsty for Tea

Bonnie Eng is a tea lover and chef looking to engage in interesting and artistic expressions of tea . The well curated recipe section spoils readers for choice. Tea reviews provided in the “Steep” category have guiding notes on brewing too. Recommendations of Tea Spots and crafts are quite a help.

Rate Tea

RateTea was founded in 2009 by Alex Zorach, and is owned and managed through Merit Exchange LLC. It has an exhaustive database of tea brands, shops, regions and contributive articles on tea. The system of review is unique as it allows connoisseurs as well as others to submit reviews.